Ulteria Seam


The Ulteria Seam is a unique seaming process expanding on Astro-Tec’s patented Ultimate Seam technology, utilizing a specialized crimping process.
This crimping process allows for the panels to sit flush on both the horizontal and vertical seams, while maintaining our core strength and one row of rivets on both axes.

Separating from the Competition

Astro-Tec customers will continue to receive the same high-quality installations with consistent seam lines, and no post install separation or buckling. Separation and variances found in other competitor’s seams can lead to noticeable black lines in the projected image. The Ulteria Seam excels under the brightest of projection.



  • Unsurpassed Strength
  • Flush Horizontal and Vertical Seams
  • One Row of Rivets on Both Axes
  • No Shiny Edge Lines from Trimming
  • No Unsightly Gaps or Buckles
  • High-Quality Installation
  • 5 Axis CNC Precision Cut Panels
  • Larger panels than the competition resulting in less overall seams
  • Superior performance under the most advanced and brightest projection

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Ulteria Seam Launch @ IPS 2016

Ulteria Seam Video