Planetarium Domes

Set the controls for the heart of the sun.

A planetarium is more than simply a dome. It’s a science laboratory, a theater of the imagination, a window that opens into the mysteries of the universe. It’s a tool used to spark human curiosity.

Because we believe in the power of this curiosity, Astro-Tec goes to great lengths in the design and construction of our industry standard planetarium domes. Our hemispherical domes provide the ideal projection surface for the optical instruments that make this kind of exploration possible. The design incorporating perforated aluminum panels allows optimum air circulation and the strength to support audio speakers and special effects mounted behind the dome itself. These same construction techniques also provide for outstanding acoustic and visual properties.

We manufacture the domes from perforated aluminum, shaped with our own stretch form machine. Prefabricated structural aluminum ribs, equally spaced, give the strength needed to maintain its accuracy when suspended from chains or mounted to a load-bearing wall.

Astro-Tec is proud to offer the finest on-site projection surface finishing utilizing our specially formulated coatings in conjunction with our patented seaming technique. This provides an unparalleled level of uniformity for the projection screen.

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