Like all things, domes age. In particular, time and improper circulation of air can discolor a planetarium dome’s surface. At Astro-Tec, we have developed an unparalleled repainting process designed to transform a discolored dome screen into a totally renewed surface. To find out more about our services, visit the categories below:

Dome Cleaning

One major enemy to perforated projection screens is dust that settles on the back of each panel.  This dust penetrates the small holes leading to an appearance of panel discoloration.  As the dust accumulates over time, the areas of the screen with a framework directly behind the panels begin to appear brighter creating the “birdcage” […]

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Screen Panel Replacement

Astro-Tec offers the removal and replacement of existing projection panels.  Whether damaged, discolored, a technology upgrade, or just plain old, Astro-Tec has the ability to keep the existing framework in place, while replacing the used screen with new and updated projection panels.  A great option for budget restrained projects looking to fully revitalize and renovate.  

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Dome Repainting

Astro-Tec’s refinishing process is highly specialized. The result is a nearly perfect surface…and new life breathed into an existing facility.

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