Anything But Ordinary

It doesn’t seem like fifty years…and yet we are almost there.

Astro-Tec Manufacturing was incorporated in 1963, at the dawn of the space age. For those of you who weren’t there, it was a time of incredible optimism. The possibilities seemed endless. Magazines touted a future filled with airships and flying automobiles, undersea highways and disposable everything.

And domes.

Everyone was going to live in one or work in one, whether it was an individual home or a giant canopy covering an entire city.

Somewhere over the years, those dreams have faded, but we at Astro-Tec still believe in the dome. We’ve become the industry leader in the design and manufacture of astro science equipment. We are experts in the planetarium dome field, including repainting. Other areas of expertise include the design and construction of flight simulators, specialized projection screens, multi-media theaters and observatory domes.

Our clients include school systems, colleges, universities and museums. You can find our domes around the world, from New York to Japan and Egypt.

When you order an Astro-Tec dome, you get more than the finest projection surface in the industry. You get 50 years of experience and expertise, precision-engineered aluminum components and installations by our staff of seasoned craftsmen. The domes are delivered and installed on schedule and to the complete satisfaction of the customer.